Candidate for Governor calls for Legislature to 'make tough decisions' on school funding

(WIBW News) A Kansas candidate for Governor says that the school funding solution is all about communication.

“In the last fifteen years, we’ve only had a Constitutionally sound school finance law for three years out of the last fifteen,” said candidate Ed O’Malley. “It happened to be the three years after a group of us, myself and seven others, Republicans and Democrats, worked in 2005, during the special sesssion of that year to satisfy a court order. To me, the key is how do we tackle this? We cannot solve this without bringing people together, getting around the table together and finding a lasting, sustainable solution. We’re not going to solve it by bashing one side or the other. We’re not going to solve it by creating a Constitutional crisis about the court. We’ve got to buckle down, bring people together and find common ground to move forward. Our schools are our most important asset. We’ve got to buckle down and figure this out.”

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