Questions to ask Donald Trump Jr. about Kris Kobach

By bringing Donald Trump Jr. to town for a fundraising event in Kansas City tonight, Kris Kobach again demonstrates he isn’t really interested in Kansas. He wanted a job with President Trump and didn’t get one. Now he wants to hobnob with Donald Trump Jr. The O’Malley for Kansas campaign took it upon themselves to prepare some potential questions to ask Donald Trump Jr. about Kris Kobach.

  1. As a businessman, would you hire someone you knew was always going to be looking for a “better" job somewhere else?
  2. Would you promote someone who only shows up to work 40% of the time?
  3. Would you hire someone who insists on a direction that has already created huge deficits and an economy that has stalled? 
  4. If Kris Kobach wasn’t good enough for your father’s cabinet, what makes him good enough to govern the state of Kansas?
  5. What would you do with an employee who spent all of his time obsessed with a problem that didn’t exist?
  6. How many little old ladies has Kris Kobach prosecuted since he received prosecutorial authority?
  7. When you talk about draining the swamp, don’t you mean ending the rule of opportunistic career politicians like Kris Kobach who are only looking for the next government job?
  8. Kris Kobach isn’t a winner. He lost a race for Congress a Republican should have won. He led the state party into financial ruin. He loses court case after court case. His unfavorable rating leads the field. Why again are you here to support him?