Gubernatorial candidate Ed O’Malley to host forum on gun violence

Beginning in January, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed O’Malley will begin hosting monthly forums across Kansas to address some of the biggest challenges the state is currently facing. 

“Kansans deserve more from their leaders. They deserve to have our biggest challenges actually discussed and debated. Right now, that’s not happening,” said O’Malley. “There are many important and complex issues that are affecting Kansas every day. Yet, the state’s GOP party wants to limit the type of questions that will be asked by candidates at upcoming debates and the other gubernatorial candidates won’t touch any topics that they might view as too controversial. One candidate’s agenda is to ignore Kansans completely as he instead seeks out ‘kumbaya’ moments with Washington D.C. insiders. This type of approach is what we mean when we talk about ‘politics as usual’ and it has to stop.”

O’Malley continued, “Today, I’m making a pledge to the voters that, as a candidate and as a governor, I will take on the biggest issues facing Kansans. And I will begin by hosting open forums with substantive conversations and real dialogue focused on one topic at a time. We’ll start with gun violence. It’s a topic we see in the news almost daily and no matter where you live, it hits too close to home. But no one is talking about it—until now. Each month we’ll address a different issue and we’ll do it by holding meaningful conversations in different locations across the state.”

The first forum will take place in the Kansas City metro in January. The location and date will be announced in December.