Another Failed Kobach-Led Organization

On January 3, the White House announced President Donald Trump had disbanded the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. This is just the latest example of a Kris Kobach-led effort that has failed.

"Whether it’s a failed congressional campaign, running our Kansas Republican Party to near bankruptcy or the numerous lawsuits lost, Kobach continues to show his inability to lead," said Ed O'Malley, Republican candidate for governor. "Now that President Trump has disbanded the voter fraud commission, we see that the only thing Kris Kobach accomplished was wasting taxpayer money."

O'Malley continued, "You cannot waste millions in tax dollars in one breath and claim the mantle of fiscal conservatism in the next. With his record, Kansans should be wary of what he would do in Topeka."
The commission was created by Trump in May 2017 after claiming that millions of people voted illegally in 2016. Last October, the Government Accountability Office opened an investigation into the commission after three senators accused the panel of not properly disclosing its work.
“The bottom line is if voter fraud is a major problem and Kris Kobach spearheaded this effort, he failed to bring the commission together to produce meaningful and measurable outcomes, which means the problem will continue,” said O’Malley. “Once again, Kobach demonstrates he doesn’t know how to lead. I’m sure he will criticize others for the failure of the commission. But, real leaders take responsibility. He failed. Again."