Ed O'Malley to Kris Kobach: Voting is Fundamental

According to a December 5 report in Newsweek, Kris Kobach prevented disabled Kansans from voting in a recent Sedgwick County election. Ed O’Malley, Republican candidate for governor, is frustrated by the news and has issued the following statement. 

“Here he goes again. From the elderly to immigrants and now the disabled, Kris Kobach continues to make life difficult for specific populations when all they’re trying to do is exercise their fundamental right to vote as an American. I am horrified and disgusted to hear that now he’s attacked disabled Kansans and had their unsigned ballots tossed in a local election,” said O’Malley.

Kobach’s Secure and Fair Elections (SAFE) Act passed in 2011. Before the act, ballots were not tossed if a disabled person’s signature wasn’t an exact match to one on file or if someone else signed on behalf of a physically unable voter.

O’Malley continued, “Throughout my career in public service and at the Kansas Leadership Center, I’ve partnered with the disabled community because I believe deeply in their ability to contribute to a better Kansas and move this state forward. Unfortunately, my opponent Kris Kobach looks at this population as a group who – whether they vote or not – doesn’t even matter.”

“Look, one of two things have happened here. Either Kris Kobach is trying to disenfranchise certain groups of voters or he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Neither one deserves a promotion to be governor. I believe voting is a fundamental American right that should be protected, not limited,” O’Malley said.